lacrosse sniper school
Where scorers train 

​​​Developed and taught by Dylan Donahue

The lacrosse sniper school program

If you can score you will play. Experience the ultimate lacrosse sniper training around. If you can score, you will play. This program will not just show you how to shoot, but develop tactical precision shooting skills under any situation. I will emphasize how to use your lacrosse stick to score, not to simply shoot. If you want to be the best sharpshooter in your unit, learn from one of the best sharpshooters in the game.

This program is designed to enhance the shooting skills of each lacrosse player every week. Our dedication to detail helps refine and improve all shooting styles. Our goal is to develop a sharpshooter out of you. Every drill and lesson at lacrosse sniper school has a purpose.
When I was trying to get on the playing field at Syracuse, I developed a system to help improve myself. This system began with improving my shooting skills. I knew that if I could score, I would be on the field. Lacrosse sniper school is based upon the system I used to try and reach my full potential, the system I continue to believe in, the system that allows me to increase my maximum capacity.

Our Goal


Why lacrosse sniper school

To transform lacrosse players from shooters into scorers

Countless shooting drills, skill practice and repetition; allowing your skills to progress each week
If you can score, you will play
​   ​​
“Undersized, slow, you will never play in college, you will never play in the MLL.” I’ve heard all of that before.
Are you allowing yourself to reach your maximum potential? 

The Program

  1. Hundreds of Reps
    Each player will take numerous repetitions every session at lacrosse sniper school. Muscle memory is one of the ways that shooters become sharpshooters.
  2. Variety of Drills
    I believe that certain drills should be practiced every day in order to refine the most important skills. However, having a variety of shooting drills at your disposal will allow each player to practice a wider range of skills. Both of these concepts are implemented at lacrosse sniper school.
  3. Progression
    This program allows progression to take place each week. Every session of lacrosse sniper school builds upon the last one while staying focused on the key skills and fundamentals that make up a great shooter.
  4. Competition
    Who doesn't love competition? Every session of lacrosse sniper school will end with a daily sniper challenge. These challenges test the skills that have been driven into place with each practice.
  5. Testing
    The drive to keep improving is another key to becoming a great goal scorer. The best want to keep getting better. I have developed benchmarks to periodically test your skills and see your improvement
  6. Set Goals
    Where do you see yourself this season, next year, college? If you are the best scorer you can be, you will help your team to victory. The greatest shooters don't ever stop practicing, and they always practice the RIGHT way. It's easy to become content, lose your form, and lose your touch. lacrosse sniper school won't allow that to happen.

Who you're learning from

Dylan Donahue

Syracu​​​se University (2011 - 2016)  
Charlotte Hounds (2016)
Atlanta Blaze (2016 - Present)

3 time All American
2 time Syracuse captain
#2 overall MLL draft pick in 2016
50 goals in a single college season
52.9% shooting percentage sophomore year
Scored in 68 of 69 games played in college
143 career collegiate goals
7th all time goal scorer at Syracuse University